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Family Fortunes
At Quarter Final Stage

Last updated: 28/03/2011

The first round of the Family Fortunes is taking place in the Beachcomber Bar since Friday 1st April 2011 with the following teams qualifying for round 2 so far

Friday 1st April             Pierce Harrison and Mary Barrett

Friday 8th April             Sarah Mullen and John T Sheridan

Friday 15th April          Gerard Mc Fadden and Claire Sheridan

Thurs 22nd April          Antoinette Mc Fadden and Dessie Mc Laughlin

Friday 29th April           Martin Barrett and Paddy Kelly

Friday 6th May - preliminary round - Pierce Harrison and Sarah Mullin beat Antoinette Mc Fadden and Gerard Mc Fadden.

Friday 20th May             Dessie Mc Laughlin and Claire Sheridan's teams qualified from the semi final.

Friday 27th May             Pierce Harrison and John T Sheridan's teams have qualified for the semi final.

Friday 17th June          Claire Sheridan and Pierce Harrison qualified for the grand final.

                                     Claire Sheridan's Family the winners of the inaugural Family Fortunes