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Simple Savory Potatoes

Last updated: 26/10/2011

Simple Savory Potatoes  


4oog Peeled Potatoes

1 onion Sliced Thinly

Chives or Leek

100g Streaky Bacon

Tb Sp Rapeseed Oil

250ml Vegetable Stock

1 Clove Garlic Crushed

Freshly Ground Cracked Black pepper

Parsley Chopped  



Slice the potatoes thinly.

Slice the onion thinly.

Heat the oil and lightly sweat the onions, leek or chive and garlic without colour. Add the bacon and cook for two minutes.

Add the sliced potatoes followed by the stock. Season with pepper.

Transfer to oven in earthenware dish.

Cook in oven @ 180°along until potatoes are tender. Serve with fresh chopped parsley. 


Brian’s Tips

Make your own version of this dish by adding

  • Leeks
  • Sweet Red Peppers
  • Chilli Pepper